Most people who buy my videos
write to tell me how using my strategies
worked for them in the casinos.
Here are a few of the
responses I've received.

Hello Dealer John, I will say this…I had no idea how to play craps before I went to Atlantic City twice recently. I watched these. First trip, I profited $500 off craps. Second trip, I profited $1k. All this with minimum betting ($5, $10 or $20), no prop bets. Thank you for your knowledge, it was so usefull!!! Watch EVERY single one of these, and if this guy has any other products, it’s evident they are worth buying.

I started with $100 and ended with a little over $2000. A lot of the other people made maybe a couple of hundred dollars. I love the way you talk about betting house’s money back against them. I used the strategy to a T and it paid off big time.

Yesterday, me and my buddy watched your videos. After that, we decided to try our luck out. It was our first time and we had only $45 starting out. I walked away with $400 and my buddy got almost $500!

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